Netgear RR4312X0 Ready NAS Business Rackmount Storage

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Processor Intel Xeon E3-1245v5 3.5GHz Quad Core Processor
Memory 16GB DDR4 with ECC
Ports Gigabit LAN Ports: 4
HDD Available Copper Ethernet SKUs-
RR4312X0: diskless
RR4312X2: 12x2TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312X3: 12x3TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312X4: 12x4TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312X6: 12x6TB Enterprise Hard-drive
Available SFP+ SKUs-
RR4312S0: diskless
RR4312S2: 12x2TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312S3: 12x3TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312S4: 12x4TB Enterprise Hard-drive
RR4312S6: 12x6TB Enterprise Hard-drive
Maximum Capacity Maximum Capacity: Up to 192TB of storage
Network Gigabit LAN Ports: 4
10Gbps LAN Optical SFP+: 0(4312X), 2(4312S)
10Gbps LAN Copper 10gBase-T: 2(4312X), 0(4312S)
Power Supply Dual Redundant Internal 550 W; input 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Form Factor Rack mountable
Fan 3 x 80mm
Warranty 05 Year

Features of Netgear RR4312X0 Ready NAS Business Rackmount Storage

ReadyNAS 3312 and 4312X are high performance network attached storage systems that are best in class. To meet the storage needs of next-generation business networks, the RR4312X includes two built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

The RR3312 and RR4312 are the no-compromise, high-performance data storage systems of choice for businesses that require the very best in capacity, performance, and security.

They feature an architecture powered by blazing fast quad-core 5th generation Intel Xeon processors as well as DDR4 ECC memory that is expandable up to 64GB. ReadyNAS provides SMBs with cutting-edge data storage and protection technologies in an affordable and simple-to-use system.

All ReadyNAS are based on the ground-breaking ReadyNAS OS 6 operating system and the next-generation BTRFS file system. A best-in-class 5 levels of data protection X-RAID, Unlimited Snapshots, Bit Rot protection, real-time anti-virus, and simple offsite replication work together to securely protect your data from common threats. ReadyCLOUD technology is used by all ReadyNAS systems.

Remotely accessing and sharing files in your own secure private cloud has never been easier with ReadyCLOUD. There is no need for a VPN, port forwarding, or dynamic DNS. The RR3312 and RR4312X are virtualization-ready, with iSCSI support, thin provisioning capability, and VMware certification, and are designed specifically for the unique needs of business users.

To increase storage capacity, an SAS expansion card (RRSASEXP-10000S) can be purchased separately. NETGEAR's EDA2000 and EDA4000 expansion chassis provide 12 and 24 bay expansion, respectively.

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