Nexus 93108TC-FX Switch

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Usage ACI leaf, top of rack,
powered by Cloud Scale
Form factor 1RU
Throughput (Tbps) 2.16
100 M/ 1 GE/ 10 GE copper ports 48
10/25 GE ports
40 GE ports 6
100 GE ports 6
Latency (microseconds) ~2.5
Buffer (MB) 40
Power supply (watts); 2 per switch 500
Typical power (watts) 276
Minimum software version NXOS-703I7.1/ACI-N9KDK9-12.2A
Orderable Yes
Operating System NX-OS, ACI

Features of Nexus 93108TC-FX Switch

Port Configuration:
The Nexus 93108TC-FX is a 1RU (1 rack unit) switch.
It features 48 downlink ports that support 10GBASE-T connections.
These downlink ports can be configured to work as 100-Megabits, 1-Gigabit, or 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections.
Additionally, the switch has 6 fixed uplink ports that support 40- or 100-Gigabit speeds using QSFP28 interfaces12.
Bandwidth and Performance:
The Nexus 93108TC-FX provides a total bandwidth of 2.16 Tbps.
It supports over 1.25 billion packets per second (bpps).
All ports operate at line rate, ensuring efficient data transfer.
Flexibility and Migration Options:
The 48 downlink ports can be configured for various speeds, allowing flexibility in deployment.
The uplink ports support a combination of 1-, 10-, 25-, 40-, 50-, and 100-Gbps connectivity.
This flexibility enables seamless migration as network requirements evolve.
Use Cases:
The Nexus 93108TC-FX is ideal for leaf-and-spine deployments in data centers, enterprise environments, service provider facilities, and large virtualized or cloud computing setups.
It offers high-density, nonblocking, and low-power 10GBASE-T ports.

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