Nexus 93120TX Switch

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Usage ACI leaf, top of rack,
end of row
Form factor 2 RU
Throughput (Tbps) 2.4
100 M/ 1 GE/ 10 GE copper ports 96
10/25 GE ports
40 GE ports 6
100 GE ports No
Latency (microseconds) ~4
Buffer (MB) 52
Power supply (watts); 2 per switch 1200
Typical power (watts) 542
Minimum software version NXOS-703I2.2A/ACI-N9KDK9-11.2
Orderable Yes
SKU N9K-C93120TX
Operating System NX-OS, ACI

Features of Nexus 93120TX Switch

The Cisco Nexus 93120TX is a powerful switch designed for both 3-tier and spine-leaf architectures in data centers. Let’s explore its key features and capabilities:

High Port Density:
The Nexus 93120TX offers 96 fixed 10-Gbps BASE-T ports (copper) and 6 x 40 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks (QSFP+ optical) on the front panel.
These front-panel ports can operate at speeds of 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps.
This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for migrating network access ports to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Performance and Scalability:
With all ports operating at line rate, the switch delivers a total throughput of 2.4 Tbps.
Its 1RU (2-rack-unit) form factor ensures efficient use of space in your data center.
Architectural Flexibility:
The Nexus 93120TX can be deployed as a top-of-rack or middle-of-row copper-based server access switch.
It also serves as a leaf node in a spine-leaf architecture, ensuring low-latency traffic flow and faster convergence during failures.
The switch runs an enhanced version of Cisco NX-OS Software, optimized for performance, resiliency, scalability, manageability, and programmability.
It is ACI-ready, allowing for an automated, policy-based management approach.
Supports virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) routing.
Comes with an additional 25-MB buffer, surpassing competing switch offerings.
High Availability and Efficiency:
Deployable in both hot-aisle and cold-aisle configurations.
Features redundant, hot-swappable power supplies (80 Plus Platinum-certified) and fan trays.
Power-On Autoprovisioning (POAP) simplifies software upgrades and configuration file installation.
An intelligent API enables switch management through remote procedure calls (RPCs) over HTTP/HTTPS infrastructure.
Python Scripting provides programmatic access to the switch CLI.
Supports hot and cold patching as well as online diagnostics.
Investment Protection:
Reuse existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet multimode cabling for 40 Gigabit Ethernet using a Cisco 40-Gbps bidirectional transceiver.
Supports access connectivity at 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps for data centers migrating to faster speeds.

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