Nexus 9408 Switch

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Usage Spine & Leaf
Form Factor 4 RU
Throughput (Tbps) 25.6 Tbps
1G/10G SFP 1 Management
10/100/1000BASE-T 1 Management
100G Ports with Breakout 256
200G (QSFP56) Ports with Breakout 128
400G Ports (QSFP-DD) 64
10G/25G/50G/100G/200G Breakout support
Latency (Microseconds) Less than 2
Buffer (MB) 120 MB
Maximum Power 2000 W
Typical Power (Watts) 840 W
Fan Airflow
Front-to-Back (PSI, port-side-intake)
Line rate all ports
Minimum Software Version
ACI-6.0.2F / NXOS 10.3.2
SKU N9K-C9408
Operating System ACI & NX-OS

Features of Nexus 9408 Switch

The Cisco Nexus 9408 Switch is a powerful data center switch with impressive capabilities. Let’s delve into its key features:

Modular Chassis Design:
The Nexus 9408 comes in a 4 rack unit (RU), 8-slot modular chassis configuration.
It can be equipped with up to 128 200-Gigabit QSFP56 ports (or 256 100-Gigabit ports via breakout) or 64 400-Gigabit ports.
The switch supports port-side intake airflow.
High Port Density:
With its expansion slots, the Nexus 9408 can handle a substantial number of ports.
It provides flexibility for various connectivity requirements, whether you need high-speed 200-Gigabit or 400-Gigabit interfaces.
Data Center Optimization:
The Nexus 9408 is part of the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, designed for data center environments.
It offers fan tray redundancy with five fan trays and power supply redundancy.
The chassis architecture supports a supervisor and up to eight expansion modules.
Scalability and Performance:
Whether you’re building a large-scale data center or need high-speed connectivity, the Nexus 9408 delivers.
Its depth of 24 inches and height of 4 RU make it suitable for various deployment scenarios.

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