Palo Alto PA-3260 Firewall

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Firewall throughput (appmix) 7.5 Gbps
Threat Prevention throughput (appmix) 4 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput 4.4 Gbp
Max concurrent sessions 2.2M
New sessions per second 84,000
Virtual systems (base/max) 1/6

Features of Palo Alto PA-3260 Firewall

Superior Performance:
The PA-3260 is considered one of the best mid-range firewalls.
It offers superior performance with a simple management interface.
Specifically, it is rated for:
1,000-2,500 users
8.3 Gbps firewall throughput
5 Gbps VPN throughput
High Availability:
The PA-3260 supports high availability with both active/active and active/passive modes.
This ensures that your network remains operational even in case of hardware failures or other issues.
Predictable Performance:
The firewall delivers predictable performance even when security services are enabled.
This is crucial for maintaining consistent network operations while ensuring security.
Silent Design:
The PA-3260 features a silent, fanless design.
This makes it suitable for deployment in branch offices and home offices where noise levels need to be minimal.
Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP):
Deploying a large number of firewalls can be complex, but the PA-3260 simplifies this process.
It offers optional Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), streamlining the deployment and configuration of multiple firewalls

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