Palo Alto PA-5220 Firewall

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Firewall throughput (appmix) 15 Gbps
Threat Prevention throughput (appmix) 8.8 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput 9.5 Gbps
Max concurrent sessions 4M
New sessions per second 150,000
Virtual systems (base/max) 10/20

Features of Palo Alto PA-5220 Firewall

The Palo Alto Networks PA-5220 firewall offers several benefits for enterprise security:

  1. Threat Prevention: It blocks a wide range of known threats, including exploits, malware, and spyware, across all ports. This ensures robust protection against cyberattacks.

  2. Data Protection: The PA-5220 limits unauthorized file transfers and sensitive data leakage. It helps maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

  3. Safe Web Surfing: The firewall enables non-work-related web surfing while ensuring safety.

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