Palo Alto PA-5260 Firewall

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Firewall throughput (appmix) 55 Gbps
Threat Prevention throughput (appmix) 31 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput 25 Gbps
Max concurrent sessions 32M
New sessions per second 500,000
Virtual systems (base/max) 25/225

Features of Palo Alto PA-5260 Firewall

  1. Superior Performance:

    • The PA-5260 offers impressive performance with a simple management interface.
    • It is rated for 2500+ users, making it suitable for medium to large enterprises.
    • Key performance metrics include:
      • 58 Gbps firewall throughput: Ensures efficient traffic handling.
      • 28 Gbps VPN throughput: Facilitates secure communication between remote sites.
  2. Visibility and Security:

    • The PA-5260 extends visibility and security to all devices, including unmanaged IoT devices.
    • No need to deploy additional sensors; it covers your entire network.
    • It blocks a range of known threats, including exploits, malware, and spyware across all ports, regardless of common threat-evasion tactics employed.
  3. High Availability:

    • Supports both active/active and active/passive high availability modes.
    • Ensures uninterrupted service even during failover scenarios.
  4. Predictable Performance:

    • The firewall delivers consistent performance while providing essential security services.
    • It’s ready to help you scale to the cloud and secure encrypted traffic.

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