Palo Alto PA-5410 Firewall

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Firewall throughput (appmix) 46.2/39.0 Gbps
Threat Prevention throughput (appmix) 22.5/24.8 Gbps
IPsec VPN throughput 21 Gbps
Max concurrent sessions 5M
New sessions per second 295,000
Virtual systems (base/max) 10/20

Features of Palo Alto PA-5410 Firewall

Palo Alto Networks PA-5410 Firewall. This firewall is part of the PA-5400 Series, which is designed for high-speed data center, internet gateway, and service provider deployments1. Here are some key features and advantages of the PA-5410:

Flexibility in Performance and Redundancy:
The PA-5410, along with its counterparts (PA-5420 and PA-5430), provides flexibility to adapt to various deployment requirements.
These models can use either AC or DC power, allowing you to choose the power source that suits your infrastructure.
Whether you need high performance or redundancy, the PA-5410 can be configured accordingly.
Predictable Performance:
Dedicated computing and hardware resources ensure consistent and predictable performance across various functions.
These resources cover networking, security, signature matching, and management tasks.
As a result, you can rely on the PA-5410 to handle traffic efficiently without unexpected performance bottlenecks.

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