Proxmox VE Standard Subscription 4 CPUs/year

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Features of Proxmox VE Standard Subscription 4 CPUs/year

The Proxmox VE Standard Subscription is typically designed for users who require additional features and support beyond what the free, open-source version of Proxmox VE offers. While the exact details and pricing may have changed, a Proxmox VE Standard Subscription for 4 CPUs per year might include:

  1. Access to Stable Enterprise Repository: This gives you access to tested and stable updates for Proxmox VE, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for your virtualization infrastructure.
  2. Technical Support: With a standard subscription, you can typically access professional technical support services. This support can help you resolve issues, provide guidance, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Proxmox Backup Server: The standard subscription might include access to the Proxmox Backup Server, a centralized backup solution that allows you to easily back up and restore your virtual machines and containers.
  4. Enterprise Repository Access: You may get access to additional enterprise features and improvements available through the Proxmox VE Enterprise Repository.

What is the price of Proxmox VE Standard Subscription 4 CPUs/year in Bangladesh?

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