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Features of PRTG Enterprise Monitor

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is a network monitoring and management solution offered by Paessler AG. It provides a wide range of features to help organizations monitor and manage their IT infrastructure effectively. Ideal for distributed monitoring 

  1. Comprehensive Monitoring: PRTG Enterprise Monitor can monitor various aspects of your IT infrastructure, including network devices, servers, applications, virtual environments, and more.

  2. Multi-Tenant Capability: It supports multi-tenant monitoring, making it suitable for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and large enterprises that need to monitor multiple customer or departmental environments from a single instance.

  3. Custom Sensors: You can create custom sensors to monitor specific metrics and devices that are not covered by built-in sensors.

  4. Alerting and Notification: PRTG can send alerts when predefined thresholds are exceeded. It supports various notification methods such as email, SMS, push notifications, and SNMP traps.

  5. Dashboards and Reporting: The solution provides customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities to visualize performance data and generate reports for analysis and compliance purposes.

  6. Historical Data Storage: PRTG Enterprise Monitor stores historical data, allowing you to analyze trends and track performance over time.

  7. Auto-Discovery: It can automatically discover devices and services on your network, simplifying the setup process.

  8. Maps and Topology: You can create maps and network topology diagrams to visualize your network and its status.

  9. Scalability: PRTG Enterprise Monitor is designed to scale with your network, supporting large-scale environments with thousands of sensors.

  10. Failover Clustering: High availability and failover clustering options are available to ensure uninterrupted monitoring in critical environments.

  11. Integration: It offers integration with various third-party tools and technologies through APIs and plugins, allowing you to extend its functionality.

  12. Security: PRTG includes security features to protect your monitoring data and infrastructure, including user authentication and access control.

  13. Mobile Access: You can access your monitoring data and alerts from mobile devices through dedicated apps.

  14. Log and Event Monitoring: In addition to network and device monitoring, PRTG can also monitor logs and events for security and compliance purposes.

  15. Custom Scripts and Customization: Advanced users can create custom scripts and extend the functionality of PRTG through scripting and customization options.

  16. IoT Monitoring: PRTG can also monitor IoT devices and sensors, making it suitable for environments that incorporate IoT technology.

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