Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Fabric Mouse

Sale price৳ 1,400.00


Connectivity 2.4GHz Wireless
Sensor Technology Optical Sensor
DPI (Sensitivity) Adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600)
Left, Right, Middle Click, DPI Switch, Forward, Backward
Scroll Wheel
Yes, Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
Requires AA batteries (Number of batteries might vary)
Battery Life
Varies based on usage, typically several months
Compatible with Windows, macOS, and other operating systems
Fabric texture on top for a unique look and feel
Ergonomics Designed for comfortable grip
Wireless Range
Typically around 10 meters (may vary)
Plug-and-Play No driver installation required
Weight Lightweight design for portability
Additional Features
Power-saving mode, Auto-sleep function
Color Options Available in various colors
Manufacturer's warranty for a specified duration

Features of Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Fabric Mouse

The Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Fabric Mouse is a computer peripheral designed for everyday use, particularly for those who prefer a comfortable and stylish mouse for their work or leisure activities. Here are some key features and information about the Rapoo 3510 Plus:

  1. Wireless Connectivity: The mouse operates using wireless technology, typically through a USB receiver that you plug into a computer's USB port. This allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement compared to wired mice.

  2. Fabric Design: One of the distinctive features of the Rapoo 3510 Plus is its fabric-covered exterior. This fabric material not only adds a unique aesthetic touch but can also contribute to a comfortable grip and feel.

  3. Optical Sensor: The mouse is likely to come equipped with an optical sensor for tracking movement. This sensor technology ensures smooth and accurate cursor movement on various surfaces without the need for a mousepad.

  4. Ergonomic Design: The mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind, aiming to provide a comfortable grip and reduce strain during extended use.

  5. DPI (Dots Per Inch) Settings: It might offer adjustable DPI settings, allowing users to change the sensitivity of the mouse cursor. This is useful for tasks that require precision, such as graphic design or gaming.

  6. Buttons and Scroll Wheel: The mouse should come with the standard left and right buttons, as well as a scroll wheel for easy navigation through documents or web pages. Depending on the model, it might also have additional buttons for functions like forward/backward browsing.

  7. Battery Life: Wireless mice are powered by batteries. The Rapoo 3510 Plus likely comes with a certain battery life, and this can vary based on usage and the specific batteries used.

  8. Compatibility: The mouse is likely compatible with various operating systems, including Windows and macOS.

What is the Price of Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Fabric Mouse in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Rapoo 3510 Plus Wireless Fabric Mouse in Bangladesh is 1400 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in BD.

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