Revenger VP 350 Watt Power Supply

ID: P001
Sale price৳ 1,500.00


Power 500W
PSU Model 500W Gaming
Fan 120 mm
Input Voltage 100VAC - 240VAC
Output 500W
Features Special Dust Protection
Manufacture Warranty 01 Year

Features of Revenger VP 350 Watt Power Supply

The Revenger VP 350 Watt Power Supply is not a known or widely recognized power supply brand or model. It's possible that it may be a lesser-known or niche product. It's always important to ensure that the power supply you choose is reliable and of good quality, as a faulty or low-quality power supply can potentially damage your components or lead to system instability.

When selecting a power supply, it's generally recommended to choose a reputable brand with good customer reviews and ratings. Brands like Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, and Thermaltake are well-known for producing reliable power supplies. Additionally, it's important to consider your system's power requirements and choose a power supply with sufficient wattage to handle your components and potential future upgrades.

What is the price of Revenger VP 350 Watt Power Supply in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Revenger VP 350 Watt Power Supply in bd is 1,500.00 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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