SANTAK Castle C1K 1000VA Online UPS (Standard Backup)

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Capacity 1000VA/900W
Display Type LCD: load rating / battery capacity / input / output / operating mode
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50 / 60 ±0.05Hz
Noise Level <40dB@1 meter
Battery 2x 12V / 9Ah
Frequency 40 Hz - 70 Hz
Power Factor 0.99
Voltage Range 100 ~ 300 VAC
Backup Time > 3.5 mins
Voltage Range 220/230/240VAC
Power Factor 0.9
Type of Wave Pure sine wave
Transfer Time Battery Mode<-->InverterMode: 0ms
Inverter Mode<-->BypassMode: 4ms (typical)
Dimension 144x228x356mm
Weight 9.2 kg
Warranty 2 years

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Features of SANTAK Castle C1K 1000VA Online UPS

The SANTAK Castle C1K is a 1000VA online UPS with a double conversion topology. It guarantees double conversion with a transfer time of 0ms. It has a green power design with an input PF of up to 0.99 and an output PF of up to 0.9. It efficiently addresses major power quality issues such as grid power failure, under-voltage, over-voltage, sag, surge, line noise, frequency variation, switching transients, and harmonic distortion, and provides reliable power protection to customer equipment. The SANTAK Castle C1K 1000VA Online UPS offers high adaptability and flexible configuration, as well as leading DSP control technology and multiple and extendable options to meet the growing demand for customized applications. It has an over-voltage cut-off device function for maximum input protection.

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