Seagate Internal 1TB SATA Barracuda HDD

Sale price৳ 4,200.00


Capacity 1TB
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
RPM Class 7,200 RPM
Read/Write Speed Read: 210MB/s
Manufacturing Warranty 2 Years

Features of Seagate Internal 1TB SATA Barracuda HDD

The Seagate Barracuda is a popular line of internal hard disk drives (HDDs) produced by Seagate Technology. The model you mentioned, the Seagate Internal 1TB SATA Barracuda HDD, is a specific variant of the Barracuda series with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte (1TB) and a Serial ATA (SATA) interface.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Seagate Barracuda HDD series in general:

  1. Storage Capacity: The Barracuda HDDs are available in various capacities, including 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, and higher.

  2. Interface: The SATA interface is a standard connection used to connect the hard drive to the motherboard of a computer. SATA III, also known as SATA 6 Gbps, is the most common interface used by the Barracuda series.

  3. RPM: The rotational speed of the Barracuda HDDs varies depending on the specific model. They are available in both 5,400 revolutions per minute (RPM) and 7,200 RPM options. The higher RPM drives generally offer faster data transfer rates.

  4. Cache: Barracuda HDDs typically feature a cache, which is a small amount of high-speed memory used to store frequently accessed data. The cache helps improve overall performance by providing quicker access to frequently used files.

  5. Form Factor: The Barracuda HDDs are available in the standard 3.5-inch form factor, which is commonly used for desktop computers. Seagate also offers a 2.5-inch variant of the Barracuda series, primarily designed for laptops and compact systems.

  6. Reliability: Seagate is known for producing reliable hard drives, and the Barracuda series is generally well-regarded for its performance and durability.

What is the price of Seagate Internal 1TB SATA Barracuda HDD in Bangladesh?

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