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Secure and consolidated identity access to improve productivity; manage privileges and protect against cybersecurity

Delinea’s Server PAM solution controls privileged access to servers in both on-premise and cloud/multi-cloud environments and allows humans and machines to seamlessly authenticate with passwordless login, enforcing least privilege with just-in-time privilege elevation, preventing lateral movement, increasing accountability, and reducing administrative access risk.

Centrally manage identities

Centrally manage login, execution, and MFA policies in Active Directory (AD) (patented zones) or from cloud identity providers. Single enterprise identity for user login.

Minimize risk with best practices

Align with regulations and best practices such as Zero Trust and zero standing privileges to protect against ransomware and data breach attacks.

Enforce least privilege

Role-based access control (RBAC) at the host level for fine-grained control and privilege elevation. Self-service workflows for just-in-time access requests.

Enforce adaptive MFA

MFA policies enforced at login and application execution across Windows and Linux for stronger identity assurance and cyber risk insurance demands.

Improve security and compliance

Forensic level audit trails and session recordings for security review, incident response, compliance, and full accountability.


  • Centralized identity and policy management across various identity providers.
  • Choice of cloud identity providers or Active Directory through patented Zone technology.

  • Multi-directory brokering.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enforcement everywhere.
  • Granular host-based auditing and session recording.
  • Identity consolidation to reduce attack surface.
  • Consistent enforcement of least privilege for Zero Trust.

Cloud Suite

Consolidate identities and leverage multiple directory services such as AD, OpenLDAP, Ping Identity, and Azure AD, so modern enterprises can streamline privileged access to their servers.

Cloud Suite enables cloud transformation at scale. It empowers organizations to globally govern privileged access through centrally managed policies dynamically enforced on the server.

Server Suite

Enforce least privilege best practices for servers and centrally manage policies from Active Directory

Server Suite unifies policy management for Windows, Linux, and UNIX within Active Directory. It empowers organizations to globally govern privileged access through centrally managed policies consistently enforced on the server. 

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