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Odoo's business intelligence tools empower you to drive your business forward. Gain valuable insights into your finances and devise a winning plan.

Features Description
No more copy paste, real time data
No export-import hassle. Your data is automatically incorporated from your database into charts and spreadsheets, keeping your information up-to-date.
Your business's pivot moment
Dynamic reports. Create and view customized reports effortlessly using a user-friendly pivot view with real-time data updates.
Visualize, decide & success
One dashboard to access all information. Your data is sorted into customizable categories and translated into visual representations for easy comprehension and informed decision-making.
Share and work simultaneously.
Access an easy menu with all the needed formulas.
Transform your data into visual representations.
Conditional formatting
Effortlessly detect critical issues and identify patterns and trends.
Smart filters
To help you find the needle in the haystack.

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