Synology RKS-02 Sliding Rail Kit for Synology Rackmount Servers

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Features of Synology RKS-02 Sliding Rail Kit for Synology Rackmount Servers

  1. Compatibility: The RKS-02 Sliding Rail Kit is typically designed to be compatible with specific Synology Rackmount Servers. Ensure that it matches your server model.

  2. Sliding Rails: This kit includes sliding rails that allow you to easily slide the Synology rackmount server in and out of a server rack. This is especially useful for maintenance and installation.

  3. Adjustable Depth: The rails are often adjustable in terms of depth to accommodate different rack depths. This flexibility ensures that the server can fit properly in various rack configurations.

  4. Sturdy Construction: The rails are typically constructed from durable materials to support the weight of the rackmount server. This ensures stability and safety.

  5. Quick Installation: The kit usually comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. It's designed to be easy to install and set up.

  6. Cable Management: Some sliding rail kits may include cable management features or cable hooks to help you organize and secure cables within your server rack.

  7. Locking Mechanism: Some models may feature a locking mechanism to secure the server in place when it is slid into the rack, preventing accidental movement.

  8. Ball-Bearing Slides: Ball-bearing slides are often used in sliding rail kits to ensure smooth and quiet operation when sliding the server in and out of the rack.

  9. Weight Capacity: The kit may have a specified weight capacity to ensure it can safely support the server and any additional equipment.

  10. Compatibility with Synology Accessories: Some Synology rackmount servers and rail kits are designed to work seamlessly with other Synology accessories, such as Synology's rack-mounted uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or expansion units.

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