Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord 2 Meter

ID: Systimax CAT-6 001
Sale price৳ 420.00


Model: Systimax Cat6 2Meters Patch Cord
This is a good networking cable
UTP unshielded twisted pair.
It is rated at Cat6 550MHz/250MHz

Feature of Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord 2 Meter

A Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord is a high-quality Ethernet cable used for connecting network devices such as computers, routers, switches, and other networking equipment. The CAT-6 standard provides improved performance and higher data transfer rates compared to earlier generations, making it suitable for demanding networking applications.

A patch cord refers to a short length of cable with connectors on both ends used to establish a temporary or permanent connection between devices. In this case, the Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord has CAT-6 compliant wiring and connectors, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transmission.

The 2-meter measurement refers to the length of the patch cord. In this case, it means that the cable is 2 meters (or approximately 6.56 feet) long. This length is suitable for connecting devices in close proximity, such as within a rack or adjacent networking equipment.

When using a Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord, it is important to ensure that the cable is properly terminated and that both ends are securely connected to the appropriate devices. This will ensure optimal performance and data transmission speeds within the capabilities of the CAT-6 standard.

What is the price Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord 2 Meter of in Bangladesh?

The latest price of  Systimax CAT-6 Patch Cord 2 Meterin bd is 420.00 Taka. To buy this  please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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