Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer

ID: Tecnoware 3000VA
Sale price৳ 10,500.00


Nominal Power 3,000 VA
Active Power 2,400 W
Power Factor 0.8
Technology Electronic Stabilization
Start Up Delay Time Selector Stabilization Function Selectable 3 Minutes-10 Seconds
Dimension WxHxD 15x20x30 Cm
Dimension (With Packing) WxHxD 23x27x33 Cm
Weight 8.6Kg
Number Of Phases 1Ph + N
Nominal Voltage 230Vac
Input Voltage Range 110Vac-280Vac Or 150Vac-270Vac (Selectable)
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Number Of Phases 1Ph + N
Nominal Voltage 230Vac
Voltage Regulation ± 6%
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Working Temperature From 0 To 55 ° C
Humidity <95% Without Condensation
Maximum Altitude 3000 M
IP Protection IP20
Certifications THERE IS

Features of Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer

The Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer is a voltage regulator and stabilizer designed to protect electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and power surges. With a capacity of 3000VA (Volt-Ampere), it can handle a maximum load of 3000 watts.

The primary function of this power regulator is to ensure a stable and consistent supply of voltage to connected devices. It monitors the incoming voltage and adjusts it to a safe and optimal level, protecting your sensitive equipment from potentially damaging voltage spikes or drops.

The stabilizer utilizes advanced technology to provide a clean and reliable power supply, which is particularly important for devices such as computers, servers, home entertainment systems, and other electronics that are sensitive to voltage variations.

Here are some key features that may be included in the Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer, although specific features may vary:

  1. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The stabilizer automatically adjusts the output voltage to maintain a stable level within a predefined range, compensating for fluctuations in the input voltage.

  2. Surge Protection: The device offers surge protection to safeguard connected devices from sudden voltage surges caused by lightning strikes, power grid disturbances, or other electrical issues.

  3. Overload Protection: It incorporates built-in protection mechanisms to prevent damage due to excessive power consumption. If the load exceeds the specified limit, the stabilizer will shut down to protect both itself and the connected devices.

  4. Display and Indicators: Some models may feature an LCD or LED display to provide real-time information about input voltage, output voltage, load capacity, or other relevant parameters. Indicators can show the status of the device, such as power on, overload, or fault conditions.

  5. Multiple Outlets: The stabilizer typically offers multiple power outlets to accommodate various devices simultaneously. These outlets may include both standard sockets and surge-protected sockets.

  6. Noise Filtering: The device may incorporate filters to reduce line noise and electromagnetic interference, providing cleaner power to connected devices.

  7. Automatic Restart: In the event of a power outage, the stabilizer can automatically restart once the power is restored, ensuring continuous operation of your equipment.

Before purchasing the Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer, it's essential to assess your specific power requirements and the compatibility of the devices you plan to connect to it. Additionally, consult the manufacturer's documentation or reach out to their customer support for more detailed information regarding the features and specifications of the particular model you are interested in.

What is the price of Tecnoware 3000VA Power Reg Stabilizer in Bangladesh?

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