Toshiba Laptop Adapter / Charger 15V 6A 90W (6.0mm X 3.0mm)

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Output Voltage 15V
Output Current 6A
Output Power 90W
Connector Size 6.0mm X 3.0mm
Designed for Toshiba laptops and compatible devices
Input Voltage
Typical input voltage range (varies with model)
Input Frequency
Typical input frequency range (varies with model)
Voltage Regulation
Provides stable and regulated output voltage
Current Protection
Overcurrent protection to prevent damage
Overvoltage Protection
Safeguards against voltage spikes
Short-Circuit Protection
Prevents short-circuits and damage
High efficiency to minimize energy loss
Cable Length
Length of the charger cable (varies)
LED Indicator
Some models might have an LED to show charging status
Interchangeable Plug Heads
For different power outlets (if included)
Compact Design
Designed for portability and travel
Safety Standards
Meets relevant safety and certification standards

Features of Toshiba Laptop Adapter / Charger 15V 6A 90W (6.0mm X 3.0mm)

  1. Voltage (V): Voltage refers to the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit. The laptop adapter's voltage output must match the voltage requirements of your laptop. In this case, the adapter has a 15V output.

  2. Current (A): Current, measured in amperes (A), refers to the flow of electric charge in a circuit. The current rating of the adapter should be equal to or higher than the laptop's current requirement. A 6A (6 amperes) output means the adapter can provide up to 6 amps of current.

  3. Wattage (W): Wattage is the product of voltage and current. In this case, the wattage is 90W, indicating the maximum power output of the adapter. It's important to use an adapter with wattage equal to or greater than your laptop's power requirements to ensure proper functioning.

  4. Connector Size (mm): The 6.0mm X 3.0mm measurement likely refers to the size of the connector tip that plugs into your laptop. Different laptop models require different connector sizes, so it's essential to have the correct size to ensure a proper connection.

What is the Toshiba Laptop Adapter / Charger 15V 6A 90W (6.0mm X 3.0mm) in Bangladesh?

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