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Features of Veeam Backup for Google Cloud

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud is a data protection and disaster recovery solution specifically designed for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It enables organizations to protect and manage their workloads running in Google Cloud, providing a comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

Here are some key features and capabilities of Veeam Backup for Google Cloud:

  1. Cloud-native data protection: Veeam Backup for Google Cloud leverages native GCP snapshots, allowing you to create efficient and cost-effective backups of your Google Cloud VMs (Virtual Machines). It uses Google Cloud Storage as a backup target, ensuring durability and high availability.

  2. Flexible backup policies: You can define flexible backup policies based on your specific requirements, such as scheduling, retention, and granularity. This allows you to tailor the backup strategy to meet your data protection needs.

  3. Instant VM recovery: In the event of a disaster or data loss, Veeam enables you to quickly restore entire VMs or individual files from backups. This ensures minimal downtime and helps you meet your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

  4. Granular file-level recovery: With Veeam, you can restore individual files or folders from your Google Cloud VM backups. This granular recovery capability is useful when you only need to recover specific files or directories instead of the entire VM.

  5. Automated backups and verification: Veeam Backup for Google Cloud offers automated backup job creation and scheduling, ensuring that your data is regularly protected. Additionally, it provides automatic backup verification to validate the recoverability of your backups.

  6. Application-consistent backups: Veeam ensures application-consistent backups, meaning that it coordinates with applications running inside the VMs to ensure data consistency during the backup process. This is important for maintaining data integrity and recoverability.

  7. Cost optimization: The solution helps optimize costs by providing backup storage tiering. It allows you to archive backups to long-term storage options, such as Google Cloud Storage Nearline or Coldline, which have lower storage costs.

  8. Monitoring and reporting: Veeam Backup for Google Cloud provides monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing you to track the status of your backups, storage utilization, and overall data protection health.

Overall, Veeam Backup for Google Cloud is designed to simplify and streamline the backup and recovery process for Google Cloud workloads, ensuring data protection, efficient storage utilization, and quick recovery in case of data loss or disaster.

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