Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS

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Communication and Management
Management software: Site Monitor SNMP card(optional)
Interface type: USB/intelligent slot
Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature: 0 – 40˚C
Relative humidity: 5-95% without condensation
Altitude: <1500m (when the altitude exceeds 1500m, derating is required according to GB/T3859.2)
System parameters and Standards
Conversion type: Online double conversion
Installation mode: Tower
System efficiency: >92.5%
Switching time (power failure): 0
Noise: <55dB
Language: Chinese/English
LCD is available: Yes
Safety: IEC/EN62040-1-1
Electromagnetic capability: IEC/EN 62040-2, IEC/EN61000-3-11, IEC/EN61000-3-12, YD/T1095 2008
Surge protection: IEC/EN 62040-2, meeting IEC/EN61000-4.5
Protection level: IP20
Rectifier type: IGBT rectifier
Rated voltage: 220VAC single-phase three-wire
Input voltage range: Single-phase 120Vac-288Vac
Input frequency range: 45Hz-65Hz
Input power factor: >=0.99 for single phase/>0.95 for three-phase
Charging capability: >6h for 90% re-charging of the standard model
Battery type: Lead-acid maintenance-free battery
Battery backup time: Standard backup
Battery brand: Long/Leoch/Power guard/Equivalent
Battery Capacity: 12 V,7 Ah
Battery Qty: 16
Battery Cabinet: GBPL made( 1 unit) External
Rated power: 6kVA/4.8KW
Rated Voltage: Single-phase 220Vac
Voltage precision: 3%
Frequency precision: 0.25%
Output mode: Terminal strip
Load crest factor: 3:1 (comply with IEC62040-3)
Step load performance: 100%
Overload performance (% of the rated load): 105% – 125% 5mins, 125% – 150% 1 mins, 500ms for over 150%
Basic Information Brand: Vertiv
Country of Origin: USA
Model: Liebert GXT MT+
Dimensions (mm): 369 x 190 x 318
Warranty 1 Year (UPS), 6 Months (Battery)

Features of Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS

The Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS is a high-quality uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by Vertiv, a leading provider of power and thermal management systems. Here are some key features and details about this UPS:

Capacity: The Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS has a capacity of 6 kilovolt-amperes (6KVA), which means it can deliver up to 6,000 volt-amperes of power to connected devices.

Topology: It is an online UPS, also known as a double-conversion UPS. This means that it constantly converts incoming AC power to DC power and then back to AC power, providing clean and stable power to connected devices regardless of the quality of the input power.

Battery Backup: The UPS is equipped with an internal battery system that provides backup power in case of a power outage or voltage fluctuation. This ensures continuous power supply to critical equipment, protecting them from damage or data loss.

LCD Display: The UPS features an LCD display panel that provides real-time information about the UPS status, battery capacity, load levels, and other essential parameters. This allows users to monitor the UPS and make informed decisions about power management.

Scalability: The Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS is designed for scalability, allowing users to connect additional battery packs for extended runtime during power outages or to support increased power requirements.

Management and Communication: The UPS supports various communication interfaces, including USB and RS-232 ports, allowing for easy integration with computer systems and network management software. Additionally, it offers remote monitoring and management capabilities through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Efficiency and Power Factor Correction: This UPS model is designed to operate with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimizing operating costs. It also incorporates power factor correction (PFC) technology, which helps improve power quality and utilization.

These are some of the key features of the Vertiv Liebert GXT MT+ 6KVA Online UPS. It is commonly used in data centers, server rooms, network closets, and other critical applications where reliable and uninterrupted power supply is essential.

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