Vertiv Liebert ITA2 30KVA Online UPS

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Basic Information
Model: Liebert ITA 2
Capacity: 30 KVA (30000VA/30000W)
Power factor: 1(unity)
Rated Voltage: three-phase four wires 380/400/415Vac
General Information
Rectifier Type : IGBT Rectifier
Transfer Time: Zero
Waveform (Batt. Mode): Pure sine wave
Efficiency (AC Mode): Up to 91%
Over Load Performance : 105%-125%; 5 Mins, 125%-150%, 1 Min
Charging Current: 13A(long-run model)

Up to 91% (AC Mode)
Input Frequency Range: 40 Hz-70 Hz
Three-phase 380/400/415Vac
Voltage Range Input Voltage Range: Three-Phase 305Vac-478Vac
Output Voltage Range: Three-phase 380/400/415Vac
Battery Information
Battery type (Std.Back up) : 12 V, 26AH (External battery cabinet)
Battery type (Long Back up): Depending on the capacity of external batteries
Battery Quantity: 24/32/34/36/38/40(Selectable)
Protection Protection Level: IP 20
Battery Mode, Low Battery Overload Fault
Power management from SNMP manager(built-in) and web browser
Physical Information
Dimension (Long run model) : 430x570x130(3U)
Net weight: 23.5 Kg (Unit)
1 year brand warranty

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Features of Vertiv Liebert ITA2 30KVA Online UPS

In today's fast-paced world, basic power protection is insufficient for businesses. With digital trends constantly emerging and transforming the way businesses operate, business continuity has never been more important. You simply cannot afford downtime or wasting time recovering these systems after a disruption in your critical system. What you require is a strong, high-speed, dependable UPS system that provides continuous, round-the-clock protection for a wide range of applications.

The Vertiv Liebert® ITA2 is a fully digital, highly reliable double-conversion UPS solution that delivers clean, consistent power. This highly efficient solution is ideal for a wide range of deployments, including IT racks, network closets, automation control systems, precision instruments, and small control rooms, among other edge applications.

Innovative design allows for seamless integration into various ecosystems.
Designed for global deployment with a low carbon, small footprint
The advanced engineering and dynamics that have gone into the development of this innovative, next-generation product enable top-notch availability and excellent performance at low ownership costs, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

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