VMware vSAN Enterprise 1 Processor 1yr E-LTU

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Features of VMware vSAN Enterprise 1 Processor 1yr E-LTU

VMware vSAN Enterprise 1 Processor 1yr E-LTU refers to a licensing option for VMware's vSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) Enterprise edition.

vSAN is a software-defined storage solution that is integrated with VMware's vSphere virtualization platform. It allows you to create a distributed storage infrastructure using the local disks of the servers in your virtualized environment. This eliminates the need for separate storage hardware and provides high availability, scalability, and performance for your virtual machines.

The "1 Processor" part in the license description indicates that the license is tied to a single physical processor in your server. This means that you can use vSAN Enterprise on a server with one processor.

The "1yr E-LTU" part stands for "1-year Electronic License Term Upgrade." It indicates that the license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is delivered electronically.

With the vSAN Enterprise edition, you get advanced features and capabilities such as deduplication, compression, RAID 5/6 erasure coding, stretched clusters for high availability across data centers, and proactive monitoring and diagnostics through vRealize Operations integration, among others. This software licensing terms and offerings may change over time.

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