VMware vSAN Standard 1 Processor 1-year E-LTU

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Features of VMware vSAN Standard 1 Processor 1-year E-LTU

VMware vSAN Standard is a software-defined storage solution provided by VMware. It enables organizations to create a hyper-converged infrastructure by integrating compute, storage, and virtualization resources into a single platform.

The term "E-LTU" stands for "Electronic License Transaction Unit." It is a licensing model used by VMware to deliver licenses electronically. Instead of receiving a physical license key or a license certificate, customers receive an electronic license key or authorization code via email.

When you purchase a VMware vSAN Standard 1 Processor 1-year E-LTU, it means you are acquiring a license for the vSAN Standard edition, which allows you to use the software on a single processor for a period of one year. This license is delivered electronically, typically in the form of a license key that you can activate within the VMware vSphere environment.

With vSAN Standard, you can take advantage of features such as deduplication, compression, erasure coding, and data-at-rest encryption. It also provides features like storage policies for data placement and performance optimization, and it integrates seamlessly with the VMware vSphere hypervisor.

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