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Features of VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus

VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus is an advanced edition of VMware's virtualization platform called vSphere. vSphere is a suite of products and services that enable organizations to create and manage virtualized data centers. It allows for the consolidation of multiple physical servers into virtual machines (VMs) running on a single physical server or cluster of servers.

vSphere Enterprise Plus is the highest tier or edition of vSphere and offers the most comprehensive set of features and capabilities. Some of the key features of vSphere Enterprise Plus include:

  1. vSphere Hypervisor: The core virtualization platform that enables the creation and management of VMs.

  2. vMotion: Live migration of running VMs between hosts without any interruption to the services or applications running on those VMs.

  3. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS): Automatically balances the workload across hosts in a cluster to optimize resource utilization and performance.

  4. High Availability (HA): Provides automated recovery and restart of VMs in the event of a host failure.

  5. Fault Tolerance (FT): Provides continuous availability for VMs by creating a live shadow instance of the VM that takes over in case of a host failure.

  6. Storage vMotion: Allows for the live migration of VMs' storage between different storage arrays or datastores without any downtime.

  7. Distributed Switch: Provides centralized network management and configuration across multiple hosts and virtual machines.

  8. vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS): Automates the placement and balancing of VMs based on resource requirements and utilization.

  9. Network I/O Control (NIOC): Enables the prioritization and allocation of network bandwidth to different VMs or traffic types.

  10. vSphere Data Protection: A backup and recovery solution for VMs, providing features such as deduplication and replication.

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