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Features of VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit is a software package offered by VMware, a leading virtualization and cloud computing company. It is designed to provide small businesses with an entry-level virtualization solution to consolidate their physical server infrastructure, improve server utilization, and simplify management.

The VMware vSphere Essentials Kit includes several components:

  1. VMware ESXi: It is a bare-metal hypervisor that allows you to virtualize servers and create virtual machines (VMs) on a physical server. ESXi is the foundation of the vSphere platform.

  2. VMware vCenter Server Essentials: This component provides centralized management and control of the virtual infrastructure. It allows you to manage multiple ESXi hosts and their associated VMs from a single console.

  3. vSphere Storage Appliance: This feature allows you to pool the storage resources of multiple ESXi hosts and create shared storage for VMs. It enables high availability and data protection by replicating VM data across hosts.

  4. vSphere Data Protection: It is a backup and recovery solution integrated with vSphere. It provides agentless, image-level backups of VMs, ensuring that your data is protected and can be restored in case of failures.

  5. vSphere Replication: This feature enables the replication of VMs from one ESXi host to another, providing disaster recovery capabilities. It allows you to replicate VMs within the same vCenter Server or across different vCenter Servers.

The vSphere Essentials Kit is limited to a maximum of three physical hosts with up to two processors each. Each host can have up to a specified amount of memory and compute resources, depending on the version of the kit. It is intended for small businesses or organizations that have a limited number of servers and want to benefit from server virtualization.

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