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Features of Windows Server 2022 - Device CAL

Windows Server 2022, released by Microsoft, is the latest version of the Windows Server operating system. In Windows Server, a Device CAL (Client Access License) is a licensing model that grants access to the server for a particular device. CALs are required for devices to connect to and use the services provided by the Windows Server.

The use of Windows Server 2022 Device CALs offers several benefits for organizations:

  1. Cost-effective: Device CALs can be a cost-effective licensing option for organizations with multiple users who share devices. Instead of purchasing individual CALs for each user, a single Device CAL can cover multiple users accessing the server from a specific device.

  2. Flexibility: Device CALs provide flexibility in terms of user access. As long as users are accessing the server from a licensed device, they are covered by the Device CAL, regardless of the number of users who use that device. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where multiple users share a common workstation or device.

  3. Device-based licensing: Device CALs are based on the device itself, rather than the individual user. This can be advantageous in situations where users frequently change or where there is a high turnover rate. The Device CAL remains valid as long as the device is being used to access the server.

  4. Management simplicity: Device CALs simplify license management, especially in environments where the number of users is greater than the number of devices. Instead of tracking individual user CALs, organizations can focus on monitoring the number of devices accessing the server.

  5. Compliance and audit readiness: Device CALs provide a clear licensing model that can assist with compliance and audit requirements. By ensuring that each device has a valid CAL, organizations can demonstrate compliance with licensing agreements during audits.

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