Workload Security

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Built and optimized for servers and cloud workloads

  • Servers and workloads require unique protection compared to other endpoints.
  • Utilize dedicated server and cloud workload protection against zero-day vulnerabilities and other advanced threats.
  • Receive alerts for unexpected changes, identify critical events, and optimize security to protect auto-scaling workloads.

Detect and respond faster with EDR and XDR

  • Leverage a broader perspective and better context to detect, investigate, and address threats with EDR.
  • Extend your protection to email, network, cloud, mobile, identity, IoT, and OT using purpose-built native XDR, included in Trend Vision One™.

Secure your complex hybrid cloud environment

  • Infrastructure transformation involves diverse, potentially complex technologies.
  • A single security solution protecting all of your workloads, such as physical servers, virtual, cloud, or containers. Broad Linux platform support.

Fortify, defend, secure: Workload Security – your ultimate solution for a digital landscape free from vulnerabilities

Proactive vulnerability protection: 

  • Get timely protection against an ever-evolving array of threats and vulnerabilities ahead of other security vendors
  • Block emerging vulnerabilities on arrival thanks to our vulnerability research teams, including Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative
  • Stop threats before they hit with web reputation service, exploit prevention, and application control

Modern, cloud-native cybersecurity: 

  • Gain seamless security for your preferred cloud platform
  • Protect dynamic jobs in the cloud with automated discovery of workloads across cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform™
  • Leverage flexible purchasing options via AWS or Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Less complexity:

  • A consolidated, centralized view helps reveal events and attack paths across endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads
  • Enhance your risk posture with central visibility, swift response, and integrated management
  • Manage policies, view inventory, address detections, and mitigate risks, all from one console

Advanced threat protection:

  • Prevent threats and protect your organization across every stage of the attack chain with multiple layers of security. Industry-leading intrusion prevention empowers you to stop known but unpatched threats
  • Predict malicious files and detect indicators of attack before they execute

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