XDR for Endpoint

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Empowering defenses with native detection and response capabilities across every security layer

Get greater visibility, break down silos, and achieve faster and more precise detection and response by natively integrating views, analysis, and workflows on multiple operations.

Dismantle silos, elevate security operations, and optimize efficiency with a unified view for comprehensive threat management

XDR for Cloud

Trend Vision One™ – XDR for Cloud extends detection and response to customer cloud accounts by examining user, service, and resource log activity for suspicious behavior and providing remediation and response actions.

XDR for Email

Trend Vision One™ – XDR for Email extends detection and response to customer email accounts by examining user email, threat logs, and user behavior to cross-correlate suspicious activity with additional intelligence to provide remediation and response actions.

XDR for Endpoints

Trend Vision One™ – XDR for Endpoints provides deep visibility and threat prevention for endpoints and servers by automatically correlating data across multiple security layers for faster detection, improved investigation, and shorter response times.

XDR for Networks

Trend Vision One™ – XDR for Networks empowers security teams with advanced AI/ML techniques, data correlation, and workflows to address blind spots within your network's unmanaged attack surface.

XDR for OT

Trend Vision One™ – XDR for OT extends detection and response to OT devices, provides a holistic overview of OT and IT environments in a single platform, allowing organizations to obtain complete visibility of cyber threats, consolidated alerts, and incident view at both the device and network levels.

Seamless integration, unparalleled efficiency

Superior security analytics: Correlate low-confidence events across security vectors to quickly detect complex, multi-layer attacks. Enrich activity telemetry with full context and understanding across security layers. Multiple rules, filters, and analysis techniques, including data stacking and machine learning, enable early, precise threat detection.  Early threat indication tooling analyzes, predicts, and alerts security teams before an event can happen.

Optimize security across multiple vectors: Scale threat hunting and investigation by visualizing the full attack using interactive graphs, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, and simplified search techniques. XDR automatically pieces together fragments of malicious activity with full visibility across security layers. Automate and orchestrate response across your multiple sensor types using templated and custom security playbooks. With insights synthesized into a digestible report, your analysts can do more with less effort.

Seamless integration: Employ Trend Micro XDR seamlessly into your existing security stack with a broad and growing integration ecosystem for analytical enrichment, as well as optimizing processes and workflows. This includes SIEM, SOAR, identity access management, firewall, threat intelligence, IT service management, and ticketing technologies.

Global threat intelligence: Global threat intelligence from Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network, combined with continuously upgraded detection rules and models, maximizes the power of XDR.

Market-leading range of coverage from native sensors, combined with third-party data inputs, feeds our XDR analytics and detection models. Get end-to-end visibility, understanding where an attack begins and respond before a breach can occur.

Harness generative AI: Supercharge SOC with generative AI for faster incidence response. Companion AI amplifies security operations, boosts productivity and efficiency, and accelerates threat detection, response, and cyber risk management for analysts of all skill levels. The Large Language Model (LLM)-based assistant allows analysts to search and understand complex threat activity.

Forensics and incident response: From a single console, your security teams can complement detection, investigation, and response activities with advanced forensics and analytics. Trend Vision One – Forensics requires zero deployment and seamlessly works with native sensors, streamlining operational complexities and ensuring faster and more effective forensics and incident response.

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