Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° Kamepa Home Wi-Fi Security Camera White

ID: Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° 001
Sale price৳ 3,200.00


Image Sensor F2.1
Others 1920x1080
Type Fixed
Focal Length 3.9 mm
Aperture F2.1
Angle of View Lens angle:110°
Dimension 108×75×75mm
Weight 254g
Power 5V/ 2A
Interface Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
Working temperature: -10℃一40℃
Expandable Memory: Micro SD card (up to 32 GB)
Compatible with: Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 and above

Features of Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° Kamepa Home Wi-Fi Security Camera White

The Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° Camera is a home Wi-Fi security camera manufactured by Xiaomi. It is designed to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage with its 360-degree rotation capability. Here are some key features of the camera:

  1. 360-Degree Coverage: The camera offers a full 360-degree horizontal rotation, allowing it to monitor a wide area without blind spots. This feature enables you to remotely control the camera's movement using your smartphone.

  2. High-Definition Video: The Mi MJSXJ10CM captures video in high-definition (HD) resolution, ensuring clear and detailed footage. This helps in identifying people, objects, or activities within its field of view.

  3. Night Vision: The camera is equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs that enable night vision capabilities. This allows the camera to capture clear footage even in low-light or complete darkness, ensuring constant surveillance regardless of lighting conditions.

  4. Motion Detection: The camera features motion detection technology, which automatically triggers recording or alerts you when it detects movement within its range. This can be useful for monitoring activities when you are away from home.

  5. Two-Way Audio: The Mi MJSXJ10CM includes a built-in microphone and speaker, enabling two-way audio communication. You can use the camera's mobile app to listen to audio from the camera's surroundings and even speak through the camera remotely.

  6. Mobile App Integration: Xiaomi provides a dedicated mobile app (typically called Mi Home or Xiaomi Home) that allows you to remotely control and access the camera's features. You can view the live feed, review recorded footage, adjust settings, and receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

  7. Cloud Storage and Local Storage: The camera supports cloud storage services, where you can securely store your recorded footage in the cloud. Additionally, it may offer local storage options like a microSD card slot or a network-attached storage (NAS) device for storing footage locally.

  8. Easy Installation: The Mi MJSXJ10CM camera is designed for easy installation and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall or ceiling, depending on your preferences.

What is the price of Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° Kamepa Home Wi-Fi Security Camera White in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Xiaomi Mi MJSXJ10CM 360° Kamepa Home Wi-Fi Security Camera White in bd is 3,200.00 Taka. To buy this please visit our online store Silicon Computing Ltd. to get the best price in Bangladesh.

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