Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone

ID: Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal
Sale price৳ 6,950.00



10.5 x 2.7 x 2.2" / 267 x 69 x 56 mm
7.4 x 2.4 x 2.2" / 188 x 61 x 56 mm (Folded)
Valid Payload 200±35g
Mounting Clamp Supporting Range 50mm – 90mm
Smartphone Thickness 7.5mm – 9.5mm
Extendable Grip Max 260mm
Following Deviation in Static State Max: ± 0.04°
Min: ± 0.01°
Following Deviation in Motion State Max: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°
Roll Mechanical Range 268°
Pan Mechanical Range 290°


3.4 to 4.2 VDC
Operation Voltage Max: 4.2V
Min: 3.4V
Standard: 3.7V
Operation Current Max: 3000mA
Min: 220mA
Charging Voltage Max: 5.5V
Min: 4.7V
Standard: 5V
Charging Current Max: 850mA
Min: 500mA
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Battery Runtime Max: 5.5h
Standard: 4h (Lab Data)
Warranty 01 year service warranty (Motor broken will be considered as physical damage, customer will not get any service warranty)

Overview of the Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal

The Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal is a handy and portable camera stabilizer made specifically for smartphones. This versatile gimbal offers smooth and stable footage with impressive features that are a big hit among vloggers and content creators.

One of the best things about the Smooth-XS is its compact and lightweight design. It is incredibly easy to carry around and use for extended periods of time, making it an excellent companion for on-the-go creators. The gimbal can hold smartphones up to 235g, making it compatible with most smartphones available today.

The Smooth-XS employs advanced stabilization technology that utilizes a 2-axis gimbal system to ensure that your footage is always smooth and stable. It also features various shooting modes, such as pan-follow, lock, and full-follow modes, which allow you to adjust your shots to your liking.

Another great feature of the Smooth-XS is its user-friendly interface. It has a simple app that you can easily control from your smartphone. You can tweak settings like motor strength, speed, and even create custom shooting profiles that are accessible on-the-go.

The Smooth-XS comes with a built-in tripod that can be used for hands-free shooting. It is perfect for vlogging and live streaming, and it can also be used as an extension pole to capture unique perspectives and angles.

Finally, the Smooth-XS has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 5.5 hours on a single charge. This feature is perfect for content creators who need to shoot for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.

Overall, the Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal is a powerful and versatile camera stabilizer that offers advanced features and capabilities. Its compact and lightweight design, user-friendly interface, and advanced stabilization technology make it a popular choice among vloggers and content creators. If you're looking for a high-quality gimbal that can elevate your smartphone videography, the Smooth-XS is definitely worth considering

What is the price of Zhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal in Bangladesh?

The latest price ofZhiyun Smooth-XS 2-Axis Gimbal in Bangladesh is 6,950.00 Taka.

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