Zigor Deba Pro 1250 (1200VA) Offline UPS

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Model: Deba Pro 1250

Power: 1200VA/720W
Topology: Line-Interactive With AVR
Voltage Range: 145-290 VAC

Rated Voltage: 220/230 VAC
Frequency: 60/50 Hz (Auto-Sensible)
Voltage (Normal Mode): 220/230 VAC

Voltage Regulation: ±10%
Frequency Range (Battery Mode): 60 Hz/50 Hz ±1 Hz
Type Of Wave (Battery Mode): Simulated Senoidal
Outputs: 2/4 Universal Outputs
Transfer Time: 2-6 Ms Typical
Standard Battery: Lead Battery With An Anti-Leak Seal, VRLA Type

Included Battery: 12 V/7.5 Ah X 2
Backup Time: Up To 15 Minutes Depending On Load
Charge Time: 4-6 Hours Recover To 90% Capacity
Led/LCD Display: Green Led: Normal Main, Battery Mode

Acoustics: Battery Mode, Low Battery, Battery Change, Overload, And Fault
Communications: USB/RS232 (Optional) Port

Cold Start: Yes
Software: ViewPower
PROTECTION Overload: Yes

Battery Low Voltage: Yes
Dimension WxDxH (Mm): 345 X 146 X 162

Weight (Kg): 8.2

Features of Zigor Deba Pro 1250 (1200VA) Offline UPS

The Zigor Deba Pro 1250 is an offline UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with a capacity of 1200VA (Volt-Amps). An offline UPS, also known as a standby UPS, is designed to provide backup power to connected devices during power outages or fluctuations.

Key features of the Zigor Deba Pro 1250 (1200VA) Offline UPS may include:

  1. Capacity: The UPS has a capacity of 1200VA, which refers to the maximum amount of power it can deliver to connected devices.

  2. Backup Time: The backup time of the UPS depends on the power consumption of the connected devices. A higher power consumption will result in shorter backup time, while lower power consumption will provide a longer backup time.

  3. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS may include AVR technology to regulate and stabilize the voltage supplied to connected devices, protecting them from surges, sags, or fluctuations in the incoming power supply.

  4. Battery: The UPS is equipped with an internal battery that provides power during outages. The runtime of the battery will vary based on the load connected to the UPS.

  5. Surge Protection: The UPS may offer surge protection, safeguarding connected devices against voltage spikes or transients that could potentially damage electronic equipment.

  6. Monitoring and Notifications: Some models of the Zigor Deba Pro 1250 may have monitoring capabilities, allowing you to monitor the UPS status, battery level, and other parameters. They may also provide notifications or alerts in case of power events or battery status changes.

  7. Connectivity: The UPS might offer various connectivity options such as USB or serial ports for communication with a computer or network management software. This allows for remote monitoring, management, and automated shutdown of connected devices during extended power outages.

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