Zigor Deba Pro 1550 (1500VA) Offline UPS

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  • Model: Deba Pro 1550
  • Power: 1500VA/900W
  • Topology: Line-Interactive With AVR
  • Voltage Range: 145-290 VAC
  • Rated Voltage: 220/230 VAC
  • Frequency: 60/50 Hz (Auto-Sensible)
  • Voltage (Normal Mode): 220/230 VAC
  • Voltage Regulation: ±10%
  • Frequency Range (Battery Mode): 60 Hz/50 Hz ±1 Hz
  • Type Of Wave (Battery Mode): Simulated Senoidal
  • Outputs: 2/4 Universal Outputs
  • Transfer Time: 2-6 Ms Typical
  • Standard Battery: Lead Battery With An Anti-Leak Seal, VRLA Type
  • Included Battery: 12 V/9 Ah X 2
  • Backup Time: Up To 15 Minutes Depending On Load
  • Charge Time: 4-6 Hours Recover To 90% Capacity
  • Led/LCD Display: Green Led: Normal Main, Battery Mode
  • Acoustics: Battery Mode, Low Battery, Battery Change, Overload, And Fault
  • Communications: USB/RS232 (Optional) Port
  • Cold Start: Yes
  • Software: ViewPower
  • Overload: Yes
  • Battery Low Voltage: Yes
  • Dimension WxDxH (Mm):  345 X 146 X 162
  • Weight (Kg): 9.2
Zigor Deba Pro 1550 UPS Comes With 1-Year Guaranty* (Battery Included)

What is the price of Zigor Deba Pro 1550 Offline UPS in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Zigor Deba Pro 1550 Offline UPS in Bangladesh is 6,800 Taka.

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Features of Zigor Deba Pro 1550 Offline UPS

Important Features:

  • Line-Interactive
  • Reduced Size
  • 2/4 Universal Outputs
  • USB Communication Port (Optional)
  • AVR Stabilizer
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply:
    It Protects Your Data Supplying Power From The Battery Before Main Failures
  • Microprocessor Control:
    UPS Circuits Are Managed By A Microprocessor Which Decreases UPS Size And Increases Its Reliability
  • Alarms:
    Led And Acoustic Alarms Before Main Failures
  • High-Quality Battery:
    High-Quality Lead Battery With An Anti-Leak Seal Ensures A Long Life To Improve Operating Economy
  • Battery Self-Test Function:
    When UPS Starts, Automatically It Checks Battery Capacity
  • Protection Against Overvoltage:
    It Protects Connected Equipment Against The Main Overvoltage
  • Automatic Charge:
    UPS Always Charge Battery When It Is Connected To The Main Power
  • Automatic Restart

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