Zigor Volga NG+3 3KVA Online UPS

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Brand Zigor
Model Zigor Volga NG+ 3000VA
Type Online UPS
Input Voltage (V)
110 - 300 Vac (50% Load), 160 - 300 Vac (100% Load)
Output Voltage (V) 230Vac + - 1%
Battery 8 Pcs with 7.2Ah
Frequency (Hz - KHz)
40 - 70Hz (Input), 50Hz + - 0.25 (Output)
Dimensions 190x421x318mm
Weight (Kg) 32.2kg
Made in/ Assemble China
Country Of Origin Spain
LED Display Yes
Type of Wave: Pure Sinewave, Harmonic Distortion: THD <3% (Linear Load), Crest Factor: 3:1, Charge Time: 4h - 90%.
Warranty 1 year

Features of Zigor Volga NG+3 3KVA Online UPS

The Zigor Volga NG+3 is a 3KVA online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by Zigor. It is designed to provide reliable backup power to connected devices during power outages or fluctuations. Here are some key features of the Zigor Volga NG+3 3KVA Online UPS:

  1. Capacity: The UPS has a capacity of 3KVA (3000VA), which means it can deliver up to 3000 volt-amps of power to connected devices.

  2. Online Double Conversion Technology: The Volga NG+3 utilizes online double conversion technology, which ensures a continuous and clean power supply to connected devices. This technology converts incoming AC power to DC power, and then reconverts it back to AC power with precise voltage and frequency regulation. This process eliminates power disturbances and provides a stable power output.

  3. LCD Display: The UPS features an LCD display panel that provides real-time information about the UPS status, load level, battery level, and other important parameters. It allows users to monitor the UPS and make informed decisions regarding power management.

  4. Battery Backup: The UPS is equipped with an internal battery that provides backup power during outages. The battery runtime depends on the load connected to the UPS. Higher loads will result in shorter backup times, while lower loads can extend the runtime.

  5. Scalability: The Volga NG+3 supports the ability to connect additional external battery packs, allowing users to increase the backup runtime if needed.

  6. Surge and Spike Protection: The UPS provides surge and spike protection, safeguarding connected devices against power surges and voltage spikes that could potentially damage sensitive electronics.

  7. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS incorporates automatic voltage regulation to stabilize incoming voltage fluctuations and ensure consistent and reliable power output to connected devices, even during brownouts or overvoltage conditions.

  8. Communication and Management: The Volga NG+3 includes various communication interfaces such as USB and RS232 ports, allowing for easy connectivity and management of the UPS. It may also support additional management options such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for network integration.

  9. Audible Alarms and Notifications: The UPS features audible alarms and notifications to alert users in case of power events, such as power failures, low battery, or system faults.

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