ZKTeco LMB-180Z Bracket

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Brand ZKTeco
Model ZKTeco LMB-180Z Bracket
Color Regular
Warranty No Warranty

Features of ZKTeco LMB-180Z Bracket

The ZKTeco LMB-180Z is a magnetic lock bracket specifically designed for use with ZKTeco's magnetic locks. The bracket is used to mount the magnetic lock onto a door frame or other suitable surface. It provides a secure and stable installation for the lock.

The LMB-180Z bracket is made of durable materials, typically metal, to ensure strength and reliability. It is designed to be compatible with the ZKTeco magnetic locks, specifically the L series magnetic locks. The bracket is typically used in conjunction with the LMB-180 armature plate, which is installed on the door frame opposite the lock.

When installed properly, the LMB-180Z bracket allows the magnetic lock to securely hold the door closed, providing access control and security for the protected area. The bracket ensures that the lock and armature plate align correctly and maintain a strong magnetic connection when the lock is engaged.

It's worth noting that while the ZKTeco LMB-180Z bracket is designed for ZKTeco magnetic locks, it's always recommended to consult the manufacturer's documentation or reach out to ZKTeco directly to ensure compatibility and proper installation procedures for your specific setup.

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