ZKTeco MB560-VL Multi-biometric Identification Access Control Terminal

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Model: MB560-VL
Visible Light Facial Recognition technology
0.3m to 2m distance Face Recognition
Capacity: Face 3000; Fingerprint 3000
Log Capacity 1,00,000

Features of ZKTeco MB560-VL Multi-biometric Identification Access Control Terminal

The ZKTeco MB560-VL is a multi-biometric identification access control terminal produced by ZKTeco, a leading provider of biometric and security solutions. The MB560-VL combines several biometric identification methods and access control features in a single device. Here are some key features and capabilities of the ZKTeco MB560-VL:

  1. Multi-biometric Identification: The MB560-VL supports various biometric identification methods, including fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and palm vein recognition. This enables users to choose the most convenient and secure authentication method based on their preferences or requirements.

  2. Access Control: The terminal is designed to control access to secured areas or premises. It integrates with existing access control systems and supports functions such as door lock control, time attendance tracking, and event logging. This makes it suitable for applications in office buildings, factories, educational institutions, and other environments where access management is crucial.

  3. Advanced Verification Algorithms: The MB560-VL incorporates advanced algorithms for biometric verification, ensuring accurate and reliable identification. These algorithms are designed to handle various scenarios, such as changes in lighting conditions, facial expressions, or hand positions, to improve overall performance and user experience.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The terminal features a user-friendly interface, typically with a touchscreen display, that allows users to interact with the device easily. The interface provides intuitive options for enrollment, verification, and access control management.

  5. Scalability: The MB560-VL is designed to be scalable and can support a large number of users. This makes it suitable for installations with a high volume of users, such as large organizations or public facilities.

  6. Connectivity and Integration: The terminal can be integrated with other security systems and software, allowing for centralized management and monitoring. It may support connectivity options such as TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, RS485, and Wiegand, enabling seamless integration into existing security infrastructures.

  7. Enhanced Security Features: The MB560-VL incorporates various security features to protect against unauthorized access or tampering. These may include anti-spoofing measures, encryption of stored data, and support for secure communication protocols.

What is the price of ZKTeco MB560-VL Multi-biometric Identification Access Control Terminal in Bangladesh?

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