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Features of Zoho Mail Premium

Zoho Mail Premium is a paid version of Zoho Mail that offers enhanced features and greater storage capacity compared to the free version. Here are some key features and benefits of Zoho Mail Premium:

  1. Increased Storage: Zoho Mail Premium provides larger storage space for email storage, attachments, and files. The specific storage capacity may vary based on the subscription plan you choose.

  2. Ad-Free Experience: Unlike the free version, Zoho Mail Premium does not display any ads within the email interface. This provides a cleaner and more professional email experience.

  3. Custom Domain: With Zoho Mail Premium, you can use your own domain name for your email addresses. This helps create a professional image for your business or personal brand.

  4. Email Forwarding: You can set up email forwarding to automatically redirect incoming emails from your Zoho Mail account to another email address of your choice.

  5. Email Retention: Zoho Mail Premium allows you to retain emails for a longer duration. You can customize the retention period for deleted emails, ensuring that important communications are stored for a longer time.

  6. Priority Support: Premium users receive priority customer support, which means faster response times and dedicated assistance from the Zoho Mail support team.

  • 50 GB mailbox
  • Calendar on Sync
  • Attachments up to 1GB
  • Email and Folder Sharing
  • Tasks, Notes and Bookmarks

What is the Price of Zoho Mail Premium in Bangladesh?

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